Thank you for being here. Expect us to discuss how to open a website in Kenya in 2024, we will also expand and cover the following:

  • What you need to start a website in Kenya.
  • Dive into the 3 options on how to start a website in Kenya.
  • Tips on how to market your website for free.
  •  Resources to help you.
  • Conclusion.

How to Open a Website in Kenya (2024) Guide

How to Open a Website in Kenya

Having a website is vital in today’s digital economy. Let us begin by sharing some of the benefits of having a website in Kenya.

Benefits of opening up a website in Kenya

  • Increased visibility: Your business will reach a new audience that is not limited to a specific region.
  • Building trust: Websites can help clients build trust and offer information about the business.
  • Increased revenue: By only focusing on SEO, you can get clients easily thanks to a website.
  • Convenience: Unlike brick and mortar, you have to go to a physical shop during their opening time. Websites can help your business close deals any day, any time.
  • Answer questions: In traditional marketing, you have to repeat about 80% of the information over and over to clients. By opening up a website you can create FAQs that can automate passing information.
  • Communication link: You can easily communicate updates, news, trends, and launches to your audience.

These are some of the many benefits of starting a website in Kenya. Now that you have an idea of some of the benefits, let’s dive into how you can start a website in Kenya.

What You Need to Start a Website in Kenya.

How to create and start a website in Kenya 2024

To simplify the requirements to start a website, you can achieve this by following the 5 steps.

  • You need a domain.
  • Reliable hosting company.
  • Development & customization.
  • Content creation.

If this sounds technical allow me to simplify the core components required for a website to be up and running.

The core components that defines a person is name, body and mind. A website needs the same. The name = domain, body = hosting company where everything is stored, mind = Backend, where the magic happens.

How to open a website in Kenya

a. Domain

FREE DOMAIN KENYA - How to create a website in Kenya

A domain name should be readily available, unique, memorable, and have an extension of your choice (.com, Be creative to come up with a name that resonates with your website. Also worth mentioning, is coming up with a catchy slogan for your website.

I advise you not to Google and copy-paste what you find online. Do so only for inspiration purposes only. 

How to open a website in Kenya

In my case domains I usually buy at Kenya Web Experts, I have been a customer here for many years. I recommend them ( Am not an affiliate or a beneficiary BTW) 

b. Hosting

Best Hosting in Kenya - Website Maintenance cost in Kenya

This is very very important. It would be best if you made the right choice from the beginning. Don’t just focus on the cheapest web hosting companies, this can mess you up big time. 

Do a proper research and be very selective. Choose the best hosting company out there. I recommend the Greengeeks and SiteGround, they have been the best with no downtime, and they have an excellent support team. When choosing hosting companies, focus on factors such as:

  • Uptime – Deal with companies that have a guarantee on uptime, this reduces downtime issues
  • Look for the availability of security features like SSL Certificate, automatic backup
  • Support is very crucial. Consider companies that are reviewed to be the best 
  • Scout reviews before committing.

c. Development and Customization

If you plan to start a website in Kenya, this stage will take much of your time to develop. This concept is the same as building your dream house, you can’t make it in a day. It takes patience, time, and creativity to develop.

d. Content Creation

When starting a website, you have to create content that speaks to your target audience. Your content should be informative, engaging, and captivating. Focus on keywords that your target audience might be interested in.

Example: You have a carwash business in Nakuru. You should create articles on topics such as:

  • Best carwash in Nakuru
  • How to maintain your car interior
  • Carwash X review
  • What makes Carwash X stand out
  • Before and after detailing the transformation
  • Carwash ingredients and their impact.

3 Options on How to Start a Website in Kenya

The following are the 3 options on how to start a website in Kenya:

1. Do it Yourself

Domain: 500 – 2,000

Hosting per Year: 2,000 – 6,000

  • Full creative control
  • Easy to update
  • Cost-effective

2. Hire a Freelancer

Small Biz Website: 15,500

Corporate Website: 35,000

  • Professional expertise
  • Affordable
  • 6 months of free support
  • Single point of contact

3. Hire an Agency

Small Biz Website: 25,000

Corporate Website: 50,000


1. Do it Yourself

Did you know that you can create and customize a website in Kenya without any coding experience? Amazing right? You can achieve this by using website builders like WordPress and Wix. Let me make it easy to understand about this website builders.

Think of website builders like customizable building blocks, any house type you dream the blocks are at your disposal. You can partition the house, use colors and designs that you like. There is no limitation, just let creativity flow. That’s website builder, you can create, edit, delete, customize, and so much more without using a single line of code.

2. Hire a Freelancer

How to Market Your Business Online in Kenya: Free and Paid Options

If you can hire a skilled freelancer who is experienced to start creating your website in Kenya, do so. This is what I can recommend because of its advantages. A proper website is like a complete toolbox, each tool complements and completes the other. Doing it yourself will need so much time and energy learning, hiring a freelancer makes it easy and the reward comes early. Some of the benefits of hiring a freelance web designer are:

  • You will save time
  • Your website will rank faster and start converting
  • It’s relatively cheap
  • Start at an advanced stage
  • Get taught the vitals
  • Unique responsive website

Before closing out on this section allow me to create a vivid picture for you.

Let’s say you hire me for a web design job for your internet service provision business based in Nairobi. By just offering that information I know how to connect all the dots and make your website rank and stand out. By the end of the first month your business can start converting clients without paid adverts.

Hire an Agency

Most website development agencies to be honest will offer you design in stages. Most keep this away from clients, I have seen this many times. Let me share an example:

Let’s assume I have “X Web Developers Agency” before I charge a client for web development, as a company we have to factor in costs such as:

  • Rent
  • Designers
  • Utilities
  • etc

If we consider that these ongoing expenses could accumulate to 200,000/- per month and we acquire 10 clients monthly, it implies that merely to offset the costs, each client would need to contribute 20,000/- without generating any profit.

What about hiring a skilled freelancer? Way cheaper and you get a decent website and support. Many agencies do the following to keep making money. They offer website development in phases:

  1. Creation = Charges
  2. Customization = Charges
  3. Visibility enhancement = Charges
  4. Edits & Addition = Charges
  5. And the list goes on.

Tips on How to Market Your New Website for Free

  1. Make sure your homepage is optimized and relevant
  2. Include all relevant pages in your header menu and footer
  3. Create a social media presence for the website. Share relevant information and interlink with your website
  4. Participate in relevant online forums, and groups to share info about your business
  5. Email marketing is still a powerful tool, use it.
  6. Venture into video, especially short video content, and target Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

Best Free Resources to Learn How to Create a Website:


Keep in mind websites are powerful and can easily take your business to greater heights. That’s all for today, see you in the next one.

Thank you for sticking by, we have covered the topic of how to start a website in Kenya and I do believe you have learned something important. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to comment below.